We've had Preston now for about 7yrs. Our first "Family" dog. He's a white mini-Poodle that weighs about 15Lbs.
  1. He pees on the back of his front legs
  2. Starts eating from his bowl when we get home
  3. Will only snuggle my wife on the couch
  4. Loves cat food
  5. Steals food from kids like a boss
  6. Growls when you stop petting or scratching
  7. Still acts like a puppy
  8. He'll never look gray as he ages
  9. Always wants to ride in the car. Doesn't matter who it's with...
  10. Diaper foraging
  11. He's hopelessly devoted to my wife #IPleadNoContest
  12. In every picture he looks humiliated