Utilities I must have on my Mac. Otherwise, I'm lost and computer is unusable :)
  1. Alfredo 2
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    I find Apple's Spotlight very frustrating. The US much better app launcher but also great for doing complex workflow (see screenshot).
  2. Bartender 2
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    I like to keep things minimal. This allows you to hide non-essential Menu Bar Items.
  3. Droplr
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    MMy fav screenshot / quick file share solution.
  4. Flux
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    Controls color output of monitors. Helps with eye strain.
  5. iStat Menus
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    II use for some Machine info but mainly for customizing how my clock / date appears in Menu Bar.
  6. Next Meeting
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    Nice utility that simply places next meeting in Menu Bar.
  7. Path Finder
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    FFinder replacement. So much awesomeness and superiority to Apple's Finder that I can't even.
  8. Text Expander
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    UUse a ton on OS X and on iOS. Saves typing. :)