1. I’ll have the denim omelet with a side of lizard milk biscuits. Thank ya kindly, ma’am.
  2. Imagine yourself real small. Smaller than that. Like a grain of dirtdust trapped ’neath a cactus. Now imagine your spurs. That, my friend, is how tall a molecule is.
  3. Well I was 16 with a mind fulla sin. And she… She was hanging at a convenient hight from a shed door. Buddy, what I'm tryna say is I lost my virginity to a bees nest.
  4. My favorite critter? Prolly that little feller with the big black feet and the bright yellow eyes. Sleeps in my garage… What’s he called? Oh wait. Truck. I’m thinking ‘bout truck.
  5. These “eyes” you call ‘em have seen things that the mind can’t dream, partner. Like two coyotes fuckin’ in a closed up Wegmans. I saw that. With my see-balls.