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Effective immediately upon January 1, 2017. All United States (paper) currency will be replaced with fresh, new faces. And the candidates are...
  1. 1 Dollar Bill
    Charlie Sheen. Could there be a better option for the new face of the 1 dollar bill? "Could I get that in all ones, please?"
  2. 5 Dollar Bill
    Chef Boyardee. It almost seems too good to be true; to be able to buy 2 cans of Beefaroni with a 2017-issued Chef Boyardee $5 bill. What a world.
  3. 10 Dollar Bill
    Marlon Brando. Who better to replace founding father, Alexander Hamilton, than the godfather?
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Let me set the stage... You open Facebook. You take 2 scrolls down. This is what you see:
  1. 12 Reasons You and Your Bestie are ACTUALLY Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
    #5 is sooooo us!!
  2. Top 5 Foods that KILL Testosterone
    You've been eating THIS all along!? No wonder why you can't get BIG!
  3. 22 Feelings of Finals Week: As told by the cast of FRIENDS
    Let me guess...this was SO you in the library last night?
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An exhaustive list of all things that are next to godliness:
  1. 1.
Shit that makes you say..."dude, you know what would be a great idea..."
  1. Text-to-speech software with your favorite actor, singer, or celebrity's voice.
    Morgan Freeman reading you a book...
  2. Template for customized eyesight tests.
    Design with lyrics, quotes, pictures, etc.