1. John Lynch
    Legendary NFL safety I grew up watching
  2. Tim Ferriss
    Inspired me to write & do big things
  3. Seth Godin
    An inspiration on many levels
  4. Charles James II
    Most successful & well-known (football-wise) Buc
  5. Jairy C. Hunter
    Gotta have the school president pose for a pic
  6. Maurice Price
    Longest professional career of any Buc - plus he's all in the book
  7. Jamey Chadwell
    Also in the book - but mostly just excited about what he's running with after we started it 10 years ago
  8. Kirk Herbstreet
    Game Day? A guy can dream
  9. Lou Holtz
    I hunk he'd eat this book up
  10. Bobby Bowden
    Grew up hating his teams but tons of respect for him. Someone who does a lot of good for the sport.
  11. Steve Spurrier
    The Head Ball Coach has plenty of time on his hands these days, I grew up watching his teams and Dad played alongside him for years.