1. Asked for advice from people who had actually published materials
  2. Read multiple books on becoming a better writer
    Story Craft and A Writer's Coach by Jack Hart
  3. Transitioned to a Mac
  4. Hired a design firm to do my artwork
  5. Hired an editor
  6. Leveraged technology for editing
    Evernote initially, then Google Drive/Docs to wrap things up
  7. Started blogging 2+ years ago
    This is huge. If I hadn't "learned my voice" this would never have happened.
  8. Mapped out my story before I started writing
  9. Interviewed a bunch of people instead of just a few and went deep with the ones that had good stories to tell
  10. Burned the ships
    I quit my part-time job a few weeks before the book schedule got hectic and it was worth it to keep myself focused.
  11. Wrote every day, first thing in the morning to get my best creative work onto paper.
  12. Read a wide variety of books while I wrote
  13. Started collecting emails way before I needed them
  14. Learned how to build my own website