These are ten ideas for podcasts I may or may not someday start.
  1. The Strategically Unemployed Podcast
    Interviews with people about their hustle or side hustle
  2. The Football Marketplace Podcast
    Interview coaches about their schemes
  3. The Writer's Journey Podcast
    Detailing what I do every week to promote my book
  4. My new job podcast
    Where I get a job and describe it and you try to figure it out
  5. The Google Analytics Podcast
    Where I read off all google analytics articles so people can consume them via podcast
  6. The grandiose business podcast
    Where we talk about potential business ideas but never actually go through with them
  7. Podcast about my blog
    Everything I write is turned into audio
  8. BHAG Podcast
    People who set an unbelievable goal and have reached or are reaching it
  9. A podcast podcast
    A podcast about podcasting. Who interviewed whom, what was cool, new technology developments, etc.
  10. THe self-promotion podcast
    You got something you want to promote? Get scheduled on the show. Shows will be 5 minutes long and they'll come out every single day, maybe even two a day of I'm feeling crazy.