It's meant to be funny, tourism drives our local economy and I welcome you all!
  1. The kind that buy palmetto roses
    Only to realize that was only the first of 1,000 kids selling them
  2. The kind that eat at Hyman's
  3. The kind that drive over The Ravenel instead of walking it "because it's hot"
  4. The kind that complain about the heat like it caught them off-guard
  5. The true history buffs who enjoy all the history
    I envy them
  6. The ones who consider golfing sightseeing
  7. The ones who trip on cobblestone
    Just kidding, even locals do this on the reg
  8. The rare few who get to enjoy Second Sunday on King
  9. The kind who come to town and ONLY try their favorite restaurant
    Which, BTW hasn't changed its menu since the 70's
  10. The annuals who really want to live here but could never tell their families they moved to The South