Top 13 places to find your favourite rapper

  1. Leaning against hood of car
  2. Leaning against a chain link fence
  3. Leaning against giant bottle of champagne
  4. Leaning against several large sacks of gold coins marked $
  5. Leaning against a landmark, and is the size of the landmark
  6. Leaning against a bowl of chicken noodle soup
  7. Leaning against a sad face emoji
  8. Leaning against a repossessed home
  9. Leaning against his best childhood friend, crying the sad tears
  10. Leaning over his laptop, typing sad emails and tweets, hoping to reconnect
  11. Leaning over a control board, humming a new tune
  12. Leaning into a doorway, asking if anyone has seen his notebook of "delicious rhymes"
  13. Leaning slowly out of the frame, leaning back, leaning back, and then he's gone