Been in my drafts for a while. This list is sponsored by WebMD, which has fueled my mild hypochondria for many years.
  1. I have a scar on my shoulder from when I was born via c-section and the doctor literally cut my arm upon delivering me.
    I'm sure it was tiny when I was a baby but it has grown as I've gotten older (duh) so now it's kinda badass. 👊🏼
  2. I have a titanium plate and 7 screws in my left collarbone.
    I broke it in a ski accident over 5 years ago. Healing naturally was not an option, unfortch.
  3. I have a pentagon of freckles on my right temple.
    I hope this stays with me as I age because I want to tell my future grandchildren that it's a sign I'm from another planet.
  4. My left index finger is permanently (but only slightly) out of line after breaking it catching a football (LOL) in 4th grade
    It broke but it healed this way!
  5. I have a relatively (like surgery is not necessary) severe underbite.
    It's more annoying than anything. Like, who wouldn't want their top teeth to naturally go over their bottom teeth. Ugh.
  6. Relatedly (probably), my jaw clicks when I take big bites of food.
    Which is often. I've looked it up and apparently it's called TMJ (thanks web md)
  7. My eyes only accept ReNu contact lens solution.
    Literally anything else is toxic to my 👀s
  8. I'm mildly colorblind.
    It's hard for me to distinguish shades of different colors, though I do see colors which I am grateful for.
  9. I get canker sores v frequently.
    Mostly they correlate to stressors in my life but I also get them on vacations, when I am rested, etc
  10. I get tan v easily but weirdly enough I also peel v easily
    Tit for tat I guess?
  11. But I love my body. As Queen Gaga would say, "Baby, I was (mostly, minus some broken bones) born this way!"
    Yay for body positivity❗️