1. Chicken salad, but the kind with cranberries in it
  2. Nutella
  3. Avocados, on literally anything
  4. Garlic Parmesan chicken wings
  5. Brie and apricot jam
  6. A Shack Stack from Shake Shack (1 burger and 1 mushroom burger)
  7. Honey nut Cheerios
  8. The Brothers Grimm wrap from Wolfnights in NYC
  9. Red velvet anything
  10. A medium rare steak served with shoestring fries
  11. A large everything bagel with scallion cream cheese
  12. Almonds
  13. Crab cakes (but from the Chesapeake Bay only)
  14. Bananas with peanut butter
  15. A Chipotle burrito bowl with extra guac
  16. Bacon Turkey Bravo from Panera