1. Favorite French words
  2. Why golden retrievers are the best dogs
  3. Best foods to add Frank's Red Hot to
  4. Why Goose Rocks Beach is heaven on Earth
  5. Conversely, why having bed bugs is literally hell on Earth
  6. What it's like to live in an inn as a child
  7. Why the west side is the best side (New York edition)
  8. What it's like being constantly tan
  9. Why Russell Tovey is the best thing about "Looking"
  10. Why I committed the mortal sin of unfollowing Beyoncé on Instagram
  11. Best food from Tufts dining halls
  12. What I learned about the motorcycle safety industry in India
  13. Feelings I get when I eat a Rochester "garbage plate"
  14. Reasons why everyone should choreograph a dance routine at least once in their lives
  15. Why dogs are better than cats
  16. Favorite moments from "Wicked"
  17. What it's like to only watch TV shows via the binge-watch method
  18. Reasons I haven't yet installed my air conditioner