How did/do I have friends?
  1. I played clarinet for 7 years, which isn't necessarily nerdy until you learn that I used to legitimately photocopy choir music when I went to church so I could get extra practice time in.
    I would bring the copies home, record myself playing the melody and then play the harmony of the songs over the melody
  2. I kept temperature logs in elementary and middle school and would compile monthly averages compared to historical records in the almanac.
    I also owned 3 different barometers that I placed around the house.
  3. On long family road trips, I used to draw floor plans of houses and come up with stories of the pretend families that would live there.
    Is this related to my semi-unhealthy Sims obsession? My childhood desire to be an architect? Both probably.
  4. I played Rollercoaster Tycoon for HOURS on end. To the point where I would skip meals until I completed whatever park I was working on.
  5. I used to memorize the order of the numbered school buses in elementary school. Then I'd come home and line up my toy buses in the same order.
    Why? Who the hell knows.
  6. I was obsessed with eating bagged salad for a period of time in 5th grade. Like I just had to eat it with every meal.
    That was a weird time.
  7. When I started using deodorant for the first time in 5th grade, I loved the novelty of it so much that I would wake up in the middle of the night and just smell it.