Because what you haven't done / avoid / procrastinate makes you stronger?
  1. Finished reading the Harry Potter series
    I get a LOT of shit for this.
  2. Been to the Eastern Hemisphere
    Fingers crossed for the first quarter of 2016!
  3. NOT had a fear of cockroaches and owls
    I came out of the womb being terrified of these monsters.
  4. Been on an overnight cruise
    Nothing like the constant threat of mass gastrointestinal illness!
  5. Kept it together during THOSE scenes in ET, Marley and Me, The Land Before Time, Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Up, Lion King, Bambi, etc
    I watched Marley and Me on a flight and was basically a sobbing puddle in my window seat.
  6. Practiced vegetarianism
    Could probably try if I didn't like chicken salad so damn much
  7. Been in a wedding party.
    Soon to change in 2 months!
  8. Experienced Taylor Swift or Beyoncé live.
    But I have for both of their boos!
  9. Been anyone BUT myself!
    Here's to Monday positivity. 😄