Very much abbreviated. Because #dreams are never not convoluted and ain't nobody got time for that.
  1. Being stuck on an endless swing ride at an amusement park (or DER WIRBELWIND as Busch Gardens calls it) that gradually gets faster and faster until I become unhinged and fly off. Truly terrifying.
  2. Slowly but surely walking across a rickety bridge going over a large moat surrounding an ancient castle. The moat empties as I cross. I slip every time and fall towards the concrete before waking up.
  3. Legitimately being Taylor Swift's best friend. In multiple settings. The most recent dream this happened in was at a water park and everyone was sOoOoOo jealous of me.
  4. This dream probably happened until middle school, at which time it suddenly inexplicably stopped. I become a tiny little elf human in my bed and no one knows I'm there. I also walk to the right edge of my bed and scream for help but no one can hear me!
  5. For my 4 years in college, I worked at Panera Bread and on nights when I closed the store, 75% of the time my dream that night had something to do with ringing in a customer's complex order. This now happens probably in 5% of my dreams which is high for not having worked there since 2011.
  6. Running a marathon after having done literally no training. This dream NEVER results in me finishing the race, just the struggle involved.
  7. I STILL have dreams about being naked while having to give some type of important public announcement. I thought this was just a socially anxious high school thing? Ugh.