I didn't have my earphones for music so I just observed the world around me, more so than usual. New York, stay weird. Stay beautiful.
  1. A free jazz concert 🎷
  2. A woman walking a rabbit on a leash 🐇
  3. A man playing the chromatic scale on the clarinet 🎼
  4. A man playing the accordion 🎶
  5. A couple making out 😘
  6. Group yoga on the grassy knoll near Stuy Town 👣
  7. A little boy, surrounded by smiles and balloons, joyously blowing bubbles at his birthday party 💦
  8. A sign that said Bridesmaids is screening for free tomorrow night! 🎬
  9. A woman praying 🙏🏻
  10. The Williamsburg Bridge looking massive and jam packed with evening rush 🚕
  11. 3 different helicopters! 🚁
  12. No less than 533,740 people riding Citi bikes 🚴🏼
  13. Not a cloud in the sky 🌅