1. Seeing the beautiful city skyline twinkling in the moonlight while walking across the RFK bridge: priceless
  2. I'm still obsessed with that Mø set: girl crushed it. Forever a fanboi.
  3. My left shoe has a whole in it.
  4. Not unexpected but all food and alcohol is unnecessarily expensive.
  5. But the water is cheap and we are all #blessed for the many free refill stations
  6. The drink tent : food tent ratio is 10000:1, approximately.
  7. Florence and the Machine drew a massive crowd, for good reason. Her pipes carried across the whole festival.
  8. So. Many. Flower. Headdresses. This isn't coachella, ya'll.
  9. I'm sad Tacombi Taco was out of food.
  10. I ate a corn dog on a whim. In between Vance Joy and Odesza. It was delightful and my first one in probably years?
  11. St. Vincent is a true rockstar.
  12. My Morning Jacket is a festival institution.