Haven't made a list in approx. 40 years but today's a new day!
  1. Received recognition from my boss's boss's boss on a project I recently completed!
    All managers take note: sometimes even just feedback like "excellent work" goes a long way
  2. Heard 2 janitors have a heated verbal confrontation in the hallway
  3. Ate delicious leftovers from Westville last night: a "winter steak and rice bowl" and I added leftover kale and it was 💯
  4. Went to an interest group for other analysts in my hospital and felt as if I was around kindred spirits
  5. Almost walked into a stretcher
    Trials and tribulations of working in a hospital amiright @avery
  6. Looked @ the sky as I left work and thought 1) I don't do this enough and 2) Wait it's still light outside!