If you haven't yet read it. I understand I may be behind the 8⃣ball on this. (Spoiler-free edition)
  1. Unreliable narration
    I love reading books when you can't trust what's being told to you, either for a legitimate reason or just from your own suspicion.
  2. In addition to the unreliable aspect, it has more than 1 narrator!
  3. It also isn't a chronologically linear novel!
  4. You will finish it almost immediately after you start it
    This coming from someone who is usually a very distracted reader
  5. It's suspenseful up to the very last sentence
  6. It's fun to read while using public transportation, like a train.
    Hah, get it?
  7. It will probably be made into a movie v soon
    So get on it!