Googled my name and found some interesting characters.
  1. Mike Pallotta, aka Mike the Knife, Cutlery Grinder - Brooklyn, NY
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  2. Mike Pallotta, Dog Trainer and Proprietor of Pine Ridge Hunting Preserve - Sunderland, Ontario
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  3. Mike Pallotta, President of Pallotta Ford Lincoln Dealership - Wooster, OH
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  4. Mike Pallotta, Track and Field Star, Don Bosco Prep High School - Ramsey, NJ
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  5. Mike Pallotta, Chief Prosciutto Maker, Santa Maria Foods - Brampton, Ontario
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  6. Mike Pallotta, Proprietor of Pallotta's Pastries & Gift Baskets - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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    No photo available so here's a pic of one of his beautiful creations instead.