1. Duffy Dyer (invented wearing a batting helmet under the catcher's mask)
  2. Bruce Boisclair (just liked his name)
  3. Richie Hebner (was a gravedigger in the off season)
  4. George "The Stork" Theodore (nerdier than me)
  5. Willie Montanez (first of the super show offs)
  6. Lenny Randle (once blew a bunt into foul territory with his breath)
  7. Chico Escuela (Late night TV star)
  8. Jim McAndrew (always looked like a painting of a sad clown)
  9. Ed Glynn (former Shea Stadium hot dog vendor -- had an always raspy voice)
  10. Tom Paciorek (had a terrible 80s bowl head haircut)