Teeter and Totter were the pride and joy of Aurora, IL throughout most of the 90s. One day Totter was gone. These are some of the whispers heard in the streets:
  1. Stolen by East Aurora kids
    the same kids stealing Phillips Park tennis balls
  2. Thrown in the Fox River
    to repopulate the...well any living population
  3. Grandma Rios took it for her grandkids
    died because she didn't know the first thing about otter care
  4. Eaten by a Mastodon
    you will find its bones at the bottom of the lake
  5. Transferred to a zoo that could afford it
  6. Borrowed for a Wayne's World prop
    Dana Carvey still has it
  7. Teeter turned out to be a cannibal
  8. Found a better life at the Homestead pond
    Suggested by @fmkurtyka
  9. Couldn't stand the winter and escaped on his own accord.
    To then die frozen on the highway. And then run over by a semi.
    Suggested by @nicosandi