Meta List & Meta Anxiety
  1. Is this Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat?
    Snapchat's transient, FB&IG are retroactively editable. If the answer is "Twitter," take the following points VERY SERIOUSLY.
  2. Before typing, remember "The most amount of content with the least amount of words."
    All accounts can learn from Twitter.
  3. Any spelling errors?
    #damnyouautocorrect I did not mean "to more" I just don't know how many r's are in tomorrow.
  4. How's my punctuation?
    Is this the best use of a comma? Maybe a double dash—yup that's it. Period too aggressive? Ellipsis too flaky? Double period it is..
  5. Is this the best time of the day to post?
    I'm getting old, all my friends are asleep by now.
  6. Did I check "High-quality" in the FB album?
    Unsure? Delete and re-upload.
  7. Where does this hashtag fall on a scale of 1 to 10?
    Less than a 7? You can do better. See #15
  8. When's the last time I posted on this medium?
    Repeat after me, Mike: "I cannot and will not treat Instagram like Snapchat. Facebook statuses are not Tweets."
  9. How important is this picture in the grand scheme of things?
    Instagram-to-Facebook worthy so family, high school friends, and Ecuadorian children can see it?
  10. Why is the Instagram-to-Twitter button still here?
    #ios #updates
  11. Does this picture/tweet require a "Location"?
    What the hell, Apple and Google are tracking my every move anyway.
  12. Could any group or demographic misinterpret this or be offended?
    Maybe? See #15
  13. Have I @'d, #hashtagged, & tagged pictures for optimum engagement?
    Don't forget, even @Doritos has all 4 accounts.
  14. Is this within the statute of limitations for a #latergram?
    No? Guess it goes into the drafts until #tbt
  15. Could I say this in another way?
    Yes? See step one; start from scratch.
  16. Does this make me look like I'm trying too hard?
    See #1-15. I am.