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  1. Rihanna
    Because everybody needs an umbrella
  2. Lena Dunham
    So I could write a non-anxiety inducing episode of Girls
  3. Shia LeBouf
    So everything is Even Stevens
  4. Bill Murray
    To see what it's like to be a legend
Proudly mispronounced or mistaken for...
  1. Jewey Louie Dreyfus
General unpleasantries.
  1. Mom to kid "Do you have all your devices?"
  2. That one girl having a conversation with her best friend over the phone and unabashedly talking about her love life, medical conditions, and saying things like "playaaa"
  3. Announcement: "Attention! Attention! There has been a gate change."
  4. Mom to kid "It's not my fault if your iPad isn't charged 100% I told you to charge it at grandmas."