1. Craft
    Tired of seeing this word in the context of food. Put it this way, I dislike it more than the word 'artisanal.'
  2. Scratch-made
    Not trying to make this list only about food, but this term/word also irks me. You may only know this if you've consumed hours of Guy Fieri. Just say it's made from scratch.
  3. Sits bones
    Cute Pilates term that sounds horribly precious when send aloud.
  4. Influencer
    Fvck you and the digital horse you rode in on.
  5. Fresh Cut
    Dang, another Fieri favorite. Let me ask you guys "fresh cut fries" as opposed to what? Rancid cut fries? Stale cut fries? Take this and your "fresh veggies" and shove them up your fresh.....