Some of these I loved, some not so much, some might be on the soundtrack to The OC
  1. Hot hot heat
  2. Elefant
    If interpol boffed the strokes and the good genes were not passed dowb
  3. The thrills
    Super Irish, cheers guys we're da trills
  4. Louis xiv
    Just terrible, awful
  5. The bravery
    Huuuuge guilty pleaj
  6. Prefuse 73
  7. !!!
  8. Rilo kiley
  9. JET
    Why all CAPS, fellas?
  10. Hoobastank
  11. She wants revenge
    Once in 2006 on a 4-day visit to LA, heard their single 850 times on kroq
  12. The futureheads
  13. Fischerspooner
  14. The darkness
    The 2003 version not the current one
  15. Ambulance LTD
  16. Black rebel motorcycle club
    Coachella 2004, what is up?!?
  17. Tapes 'n' tapes
  18. !!forward russia!!
  19. Granddaddy
  20. the Hives
    Suggested by @mlb
  21. Kaiser Chiefs
    Suggested by @mlb