I've died hard with a lot of my favorite bands over the years and I may just carry a torch forever for these guys
  1. They may never make another album
  2. People that don't like them are generally quite judgmental of people that do
    This one is a minefield and hard to articulate.... Perhaps because they were, for a brief period, the most popular band on the planet and anointed the saviors of rock, liking them is oh so obvious and basic
  3. They have become, or rather they are treated as, a signifier rather than an actual band
    I don't know the definition of simulacrum without having to look it up, let's just say it's hard to explain...
  4. I have to admit I love julian casablancas but I don't really understand what he's up to now
    I really liked the first solo album and I sort of like a few Voidz tracks but overall it leaves me a little cold... He seems to have a huge heart though
  5. When they tour now, it's mostly just big festival slots in Europe
  6. They licensed their music for a VW ad
    I drive a VW
  7. People think they are overrated but in fact they are the opposite
  8. Albert Hammond jr. albums are good
    But only a reminder of what could be if all 5 got in a studio together
  9. They are weirdly relatable as a group of friends
    And what happens over the course of 15+ years of friendship, ups/downs etc.