1. You see there is this very silly man
  2. Who has somehow entrenched himself in the online/new media landscape
  3. Who doesn't write his own material, he curates it...
  4. He is overweight and Jewish, as far as I know
  5. And he also apparently calls himself "the king of brunch"
    Which to be honest is a solid nickname, assuming he didn't curate it from someone else without giving credit
  6. And lots of companies pay him money because
    (Trails off)
  7. And a lot of people are really mad at him because he stole ideas and didn't give them credit
  8. Yes that's the weird thing about stealing vs. curating
  9. You can un-steal something, ie give it back
    But you can't uncurate something... To my knowledge
  10. Either way, this guy is giving fat Jews everywhere a bad name