Neighborhood eats I'll miss.

Mostly 한식 - Seoul
  1. 양식당
    Only go to 압구정동 one, not 신사. 양갈비 (portion for 2), a bottle of red, and cold noodles run about ₩100,000. I wish they would open a stand near my house that sold just the noodles. That good. The white sauce and pita bread give it a Middle Eastern feel.
  2. 시골밥상
    My buddy brought me here for the 갈치조림정식. I've been going here for the last 5 years ever since. Simple, clean, and cheap. So cheap you keep ordering 동동주.
  3. 하루
    This place has been here forever and the Soba noodles float in a moat of goodness. The Donkatsu is pretty good, though for that, Saboten still trumps.
  4. 자인문티기
    There is always that one 형 you never trust, but somehow they come through. The raw beef here is excellent, but the spicy red-sauce is divine. I hope they bottle it and sell it like Peter Luger does.
  5. 813
    This one is special. Not because of the food, though it's damn good, but because the owner rocks and it's where "Cheers" would take place if it suddenly morphed into a restaurant. 삼겹살, 소주, and more 삼겹살. The 해물됀장찌개 is simply badass.
  6. 물냉면 and 비빔냉면 at the Hyundai Dept. Store - 압구정동.
    It's an art form. Everyone is going to be picky about their 냉면. This one never disappoints me. Don't listen to David Chang about not cutting the noodles. You will spend way too much energy fighting what should be enjoyable — Snip, snip, slurp.
  7. 모국정서
    Okay, umm, I have an obscene amount of pictures from this place, but this one sums it up. The chef creates a variety of japanese influenced dishes, ordered by the gods. Custom course menus to fit your palate or just a casual dish, this place is zen.
  8. 쮸쯔
    Yes, their noodles are awesome, but these little suckers make you dream. Yes, You can't say Din Tai Fung in the same breath and blaspheme like a noob. But you can enjoy 3 pieces for ₩3,500 and keep feeding yourself until you feel disgusting. Prepare heart in line because it's always long.
  9. 지구당
    Gyudon. Regular or Large. One beer only policy. Can only be solo or a couple. Must hit the intercom bell and talk to a strange ethereal voice. Pray there is a seat. Good lord. If you can get past the odd rules it's the best gyudon I've had in Korea. Somehow this reminds me of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog asking which button to push to call the nerd's mom. At least it's cheap and delicious.