the 10 most famous lines from movies that don't exist, according to the American Film Institute
  1. "That doesn't belong to you, little one." - Mrs. Churchapple, "Heaven Shades"
  2. "The only thing I ever stole was your heart." - Ray D'Amico, "Tortilla Boulevard"
  3. "Oooh... That smell won't do!" - Cpl. Henderson, "Sub-Human"
  4. "Well, we've got three options: eat, fuck, or fight... and I ain't hungry." - Stigwood, "The Desert Sun"
  5. "BART!!!!!" - Alan, "What's Up With Bart?!"
  6. "What's a Monday girl like you doin' in a Thursday kinda juke joint?" - Thaddeus Finn, "Esmerelda"
  7. "you're sick! I'm sick! we're all NUTSO!!!!!" - Amy Tifts, "The Unfastened Coin"
  8. "Ain't no more mushrooms for the picking." - Rachover, "Fallow Field"
  9. "Daddy said baddie's dead." - Mr. Fipp, "The Landau Chronicles"
  10. "DRIVE YOUR OWN GODDAMN BOAT!!!" - Fred Guzzy, "National Lampoon's Boat Race"