these needed a bit of revision
  1. "this boat's too small." - jaws
  2. "frankly, my dear, I've lost interest in you." - gone with the wind
  3. "I'm gonna make him an offer. he's gonna think it's a great offer." - the godfather
  4. "you had me at 'jerry maguire'" - jerry maguire
  5. "this isn't kansas." - the wizard of oz
  6. "jake, this neighborhood is chinatown. I think you should forget about it" - chinatown
  7. "I have this hunch that you're talking to me." - taxi driver
  8. "rosebush." - citizen kane
  9. "I'm the king of this boat!!!!!" - titanic
  10. "I'm really mad. I'm done with this!!!" - network
  11. Bond. Quentin Bond." - dr. no
  12. "I want to have the orgasm that she's having." - when Harry met Sally
  13. "brb" - the terminator
  14. "c'est la vie, baby" - terminator 2: judgment day
  15. "if you build a baseball field, a lot of people are gonna wanna come see it" - field of dreams
  16. "I eat dead people" - the sixth sense
  17. "Mrs Robinson, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you trying to fuck me?" - the graduate
  18. "I feel the need, the need for this plane to go faster!!!" - top gun
  19. "get baby out of that corner." - dirty dancing
  20. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. (Turns to camera) Now it's your turn. Tell me some of your favorite smells" - apocalypse now