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  1. Matthew Perry: "Remembrance of Bings Past"
  2. T.I.: "T.M.I."
  3. Jay Z: "It Ain't Hova 'Til It's Hova"
  4. 2 Chainz: "A Tale of Two Chains"
  5. Shia LaBeouf: "I'd Like To Shia Vowel"
  6. A$AP Rocky: "A$AP's Fables"
  7. Nathan Lane: "Nathan Lane Is In My Ears (And In My Eyes)"
  8. Ryan Seacrest: "Psst... Can You Keep A Seacrest?"
  9. Ving Rhames: "Remembrance of Vings Past"
  10. "Will.i.was"
  11. Alanis Morissette: "The Lost Continent of Alanis"
  12. Macklemore: "Quoth The Raven, 'Macklemore'"
  13. Raven-Symone: "Quoth The Raven, 'Raven'"
  14. Avicii: "Veni Vidi Avicii"
  15. Glenn Close: "Keep Your Glenns Close, Keep Your Glennemies Closer"
  16. Yao Ming: "Remembrance Of Mings Past"
  17. Rita Ora: "The Master And Margarita Ora"
  18. Charlie Puth: "The Puth? You Can't Handle The Puth!"
  19. Hilary Duff: "A Duff Nut To Crack"
  20. Desiigner: "Intelligent Desiign"
  21. Anna Faris: "All's Faris In Love And War"
  22. Rob Lowe: "The Life of Rob Lowe" (say it out loud)
  23. Jennifer Aniston: "Aniston of Rachel Green Gables"
  24. DJ Khaled: "Ground Control to Major Key"
  25. Larry King: "Remembrance of Kings Past"
  26. Metta World Peace: "A Portrait of the Artest As A Young Man"
  27. Taylor Swift & Charlie Puth: "Swift Boat Veterans For Puth"