1. Alzheimer's (formerly "Still Alice")
  2. Lou Gehrig's Disease (formerly "The Pride Of The Yankees")
  3. Botched Bank Robbery (formerly "Dog Day Afternoon")
  4. Racism (formerly "Crash")
  5. Dead Rich Guy (formerly "Citizen Kane")
  6. Neighbor Murdered Someone (formerly "Rear Window")
  7. Jury Duty (formerly "12 Angry Men")
  8. Another Pauly Shore Movie (formerly "Jury Duty")
  9. Quirky Teen Pregnancy (formerly "Juno")
  10. Quirky Bipolar Disorder (formerly "Silver Linings Playbook")
  11. Concussion (formerly "The Bourne Identity")
  12. Concussion (formerly "Memento")
  13. Concussion (formerly "50 First Dates")
  14. Magic Concussion ( formally Freaky Friday)
    Suggested by @hjgjhhh
  15. Cervical Spine Injury (formerly "Million Dollar Baby")
    Suggested by @francium