so tough to decide on one!
  1. sexy bag of Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies
  2. chewbacca mom (no not that one, chewbacca's actual canonical Wookiee mother)
  3. sexy brexit ballot
  4. tim kaine's dentist
  5. barron trump's screensaver
  6. gotye (in a successful relationship and now a lawyer)
  7. ted CRUISE (it's ted cruz in a hawaiian shirt ready to vacay)
  8. damn daniel at age 70 wistfully recounting his brief moment of relevance
  9. sexy iPhone 7
  10. unsexy iPhone 7
  11. that old dude licking his lips during the katy perry performance at the DNC
  12. a goblin
  13. the trump "USA" girls at age 70 wistfully recounting their brief moment of relevance
  14. drake's TV remote (his controlla)
  15. john kasich eating a digiorno pizza
  16. the moose from "stranger things" (basically just dress up as a moose and convince people that it was a crucial plot point of the show and they somehow missed it)
  17. the children from "stranger things" at age 70 recounting their brief moment of relevance
  18. dracula as a farmer (keep saying "I VANT... to SHUCK... your CORN!!!!!")
  19. the moose from "deadpool" (see above concept)
  20. the goblin from "sully" (see above concept)
  21. sexy sully sullenberger eating an iPhone 7
  22. a ghost