1. this is the poster in question. I am utterly at sea with this one
  2. what's with the hip millennial meme speak?
  3. who was like, "this is the only way people will pay attention to the Heimlich maneuver"
  4. and if so, why put it in a color almost imperceptible to the human eye?
  5. also who gets paid to make these posters anyway? but that's a question for another list
  6. what's with the "?!" it's almost glib???
  7. like, the poster writer really wanted to convey the tone with which "are you choking" must be said
  8. why is this watermarked?
  9. who's gonna rip off an instructional poster?
  10. (I guess that does sort of answer my "who makes these" question though)
  11. but is this person super proud of this poster, then?
  12. because I wouldn't be!
  13. what's with the shrimp ?
  14. seriously...
  15. they're all over this poster
  16. they're also the only food represented
  17. people with shellfish allergies/religious restrictions can choke too
  18. does this mean the restaurant I'm in predominantly serves shrimp? we haven't looked at the menu yet
  19. she looks cool...
  20. but who is this?
  21. baffling poster to say the least