1. Kirstie Alley/Thirsty Valley
  2. I Have This Past Trauma/Travis Pastrana
  3. Wikileaks/Rickie Weeks
    (he's a left fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks ok?)
  4. Gordon Ramsay/Bored 'n' Handsy
  5. William H. Macy/Still, you may chase me
  6. Kinder Bueno/Tinder? say no
  7. San Luis Obispo/man! your niece is #fitspo
  8. Banksy shivered/Yangtze River
  9. Giada de Laurentiis/I gotta pay more twenties
  10. Pliocene Relic/Krist Novoselic
  11. Paleo diet/dare you to try it
  12. Thon Maker/Ron Baker
    (two current NBA rookies, ok?)
  13. Neil Degrasse-Tyson/feel this brass bison
  14. Hayden Panettiere/maiden's manic fear
  15. Henri Matisse/banh mi with grease
  16. Didi Gregorius/needy & furious
    (he's the starting shortstop for the Yankees, ok?)