i think that jill stein would gain more political traction if she had a catchier slogan. #ImWithJill is just a recalcitrant middle finger to #ImWithHer, but that in and of itself does not a slogan make. with that in mind, i humbly proffer a few of my own Jill Stein slogans:
  1. "Come On In, The Water's STEIN"
  3. "Netflix and Jill?"
  4. " ♫ hold me closer, STEINY DANCER... ♫"
  5. "A Vote For Jill Stein Is A Vote For Reuniting Fugazi"
  6. "Grow A Spine, Vote For Stein!" (that one's actually pretty normal)
  7. "Not Vote For Stein? Nein! Leaving Germany and Going To Russia Now. Ready For Hillary? Nyet! Oh, not yet? No, that meant no! Thanks For Teaching Me 'no' in Russian I'm Jill Stein" (that one's not normal)
  8. "Jagged Little Jill"
  9. "Someone's In The Kitchen With STEIN-AH"
  10. "Dill pickles. Jill solutions." (this one's a reach)
  11. "I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jilly"
  12. "♫ I saw JILL STEIN, it opened up my eyes, I saw JILL STEIN ♫"
  13. "Jill Jill Jill Stein: So Nice They Named Her Jill Three Times (And Threw In A Stein)"
  14. "Jack And JILL Went Up CAPITOL HILL To Fetch A Pail of CHANGE" (if her VP pick were named Jack and for some reason they went to congress)
  15. "Jill Stein For President 2016"