1. when, in order to establish an intimate friendship within the first five minutes, a character says, "listen, i've been your friend for ____ years"
  2. a shot of a character saying, "there's no way I'll ever do (blank activity)" jump cut: character begrudgingly doing blank activity
  3. a man hearing a provocative plot point while shaving that causes to nick himself while shaving
  4. conflict happens. love interest is storming off. close-up of a sullen protagonist. all the sudden: "wait...."
  5. montage of protagonist improving at their craft
  6. Girl looking at thing in sky: It's beautiful. Guy looking at her: Yeah, it is/you are.
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  7. Hey look breakfast is made! Oh wait, he doesn't have time to eat breakfast. Again.
    Suggested by @smallthings
  8. When a character tells another character that someone they both knew closely has been dead for x years, "remember?"
    Suggested by @MayaML
  9. When a character pours himself a scotch to indicate they had a rough day.
    Suggested by @Veronique
  10. When, in order to increase drama, one character goes off on an Oscar-worthy monologue, to which someone replies, "Are you done?"
    Suggested by @minhal
  11. When one twin says they're the older sibling because they were born ~10 minutes earlier. I don't even know what this inherently establishes but they all seem to do it
    Suggested by @dcerruti
  12. The two main characters get in a heated argument...then stop, look into each other's eyes and start passionate kissing.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  13. Let me show you how to do something from behind
    "Hey you're a woman, I'm man, let me teach you how to play pool/swing a golf club/salsa dance/chop an onion while pressing up behind you"
    Suggested by @EmmaS
  14. Character has a dream sequence to show fears/fantasies/anxiety/etc
    Suggested by @nwornhoff
  15. Villain to hero: "We're not so different, you and I."
    Suggested by @bailey
  16. The dad who can't take care of the children at all like can't change a diaper and the mom who has a career so she is a bad? mom who seems to never have time for her kids
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  17. Two characters trying to justify a one night stand: "I was lonely, and you were there"
    Suggested by @briana
  18. A frazzled working mother runs around her house wearing a pantsuit, hair everywhere, making school lunches
    Suggested by @kateo
  19. At the beginning of a scene to easily introduce plot: "Wait... so you're telling me [something]?"
    Suggested by @kateo
  20. A boyfriend/girlfriend is proven dump-worthy within 2 minutes MERELY because they answer an important phone call whilst on a date.
    Suggested by @mamie
  21. Anytime a character feeds someone pasta sauce off a wooden spoon.
    Suggested by @copperoranges
  22. Main character realizes they are actually in love with their adversary/platonic best friend/recent meet-cute but only when said love interest is 20 minutes away from getting married/moving to a remote location/dying so main character has to sprint through a series of obstacles to tell them before it's TOO LATE.
    Suggested by @phoebejoy
  23. Main character is giving advice to someone with a much messier life than their own, only to realize that same advice is applicable to them
    Suggested by @kaelin_dodge
  24. When in order to create fast intimacy between two characters they randomly get stuck together in an elevator or whatever small room which they can't exit and therefore have to talk to each other.
    Suggested by @vlt
  25. Significant other #1 says I love you to Significant other #2, 2 doesn't say it back, spends whole episode agonizing and analyzing own fears and relationship history. End of episode: I love you, too.
    Suggested by @sarahb