Carnival is a big deal for me. That's why my friends and I put a lot of effort picking the right (?) costumes every year (Hello, Rio!).
  1. Roller coaster
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    It works better if you watch the video
  2. Caipirinha
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    Gringos use to think Brazil is basically samba, futebol and caipirinha, right? So let's see what happens when you mix samba and caipirinha. Cheers!
  3. Miss Seduz
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    When you fail at being Miss Brazil.
  4. Magali
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    Mauricio de Souza deserves better, I know.
  5. Clown
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  6. Matryoshka
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    Throwback to that time when the world famous Russian doll went to Rio... With Elvis.
  7. Mug (that's right, I once wore a hand made mug costume)
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    The thing about this mug is that it is the icon of a Bloco de Carnaval from Vitoria (my home town) called Regional da Nair.
  8. Pac-Man
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    Another classic (featuring Arcos da Lapa ❤️)
  9. Coming up... Surprise!