Carnival is a big deal for me. That's why my friends and I put a lot of effort picking the right (?) costumes every year (Hello, Rio!).
  1. Roller coaster
    It works better if you watch the video
  2. Caipirinha
    Gringos use to think Brazil is basically samba, futebol and caipirinha, right? So let's see what happens when you mix samba and caipirinha. Cheers!
  3. Miss Seduz
    When you fail at being Miss Brazil.
  4. Magali
    Mauricio de Souza deserves better, I know.
  5. Clown
  6. Matryoshka
    Throwback to that time when the world famous Russian doll went to Rio... With Elvis.
  7. Mug (that's right, I once wore a hand made mug costume)
    The thing about this mug is that it is the icon of a Bloco de Carnaval from Vitoria (my home town) called Regional da Nair.
  8. Pac-Man
    Another classic (featuring Arcos da Lapa ❤️)
  9. Coming up... Surprise!