I was & still am what some call a "worrier." I had to go to intense group & family & individual therapy as a 4-year-old to deal with my many fears, and my therapist helped me make a list of what they all were. We then categorized each fear as "will happen today," "could happen today," or "probably won't happen today." This is what was on the list:
  1. Volcanoes
    Any natural disaster was really a big anxiety for me, no matter how unlikely it was to happen in my Santa Monica home.
  2. Tornadoes
    See above, BUT I can identify a tornado cloud from any distance, I witnessed a few waterspouts over the Pacific Ocean, I really became obsessed to a level where my parents feared I'd be a guest star on StormChasers
  3. Earthquakes
    See above, although this one WAS actually likely to happen. But now I know more about earthquake safety than almost anyone else.
  4. Tsunamis
    See above, slightly likely if a huge earthquake hit, and I lived really close to the beach, but my family made an escape plan (quickly walk but don't run up the stairs built into the canyon and wait it out in the dog park)
  5. Fire
    Not candles or matches, but huge wildfire. Again, possible in drought-stricken California, but not as likely in my five-minutes-from-the-beach home. But you bet your ass 4-year-old me knew how to climb out of my window and jump into a firefighter's trampoline, and how to safely test surfaces for heat and how to breathe through a damp cloth to avoid inhaling smoke.
  6. Fire ants
    Not a disaster, but my babysitter told me their bites were poisonous and painful, so I mostly wouldn't go outside
  7. Death
    Just in general
  8. My brother being sent away in a basket like Moses
    This is a specific one. My brother was an infant at the time, and I watched Disney's Prince of Egypt a lot, and this was a huge concern. Lots of tears
  9. War
    In general
  10. Floods
    Another disaster, but I know I had nightmares
  11. Falling out of the window on an airplane
    I've never had any fear of flying, and plane crashes have never frightened me because I had such a clear idea of what to do (from the demonstrations and emergency landing pamphlets). But randomly falling out a window thousands and thousands of feet up? Disastrous. *****Note: my mom informed me that as a toddler I would steal emergency landing pamphlets from seat-pockets and had a small collection.
  12. Going to jail
    It didn't sound fun
  13. Mom or Dad going to jail
    I didn't want to be separated from them and I didn't want to know they committed crimes
  14. Heartbreak
    Not emotional heartbreak, but I had a huge fear of my physical heart actually breaking. In half.
  15. Being cut up
    Seemed painful
  16. Being cut up by a robber
    Seemed painful and evil
  17. Robbers
    What an evil invasion of privacy! And theft was such a shocking crime to me (even though I stole airplane property)
  18. Burglars
    Not sure of the difference between this and robbers, but it was a separate fear.
  19. House being broken into
    Same as above
  20. House being broken
    I would prefer for it to remain intact.
  21. Being kidnapped
    I was just so so so scared of this. I still am but I'm also not a "kid" anymore which is sort of scarier than anything else on this list?? Most of my fears revolved around forced separation from my family. But now I'm voluntarily separated from my family! This is maturity!!
  22. High tide
    Living close to the beach, this was something that happened multiple times a day. So I just never went to the beach ever. The issue was that I didn't understand the difference between "high tide" and "tidal wave"