If asked, my mom won't say she's an anti-vaxxer but rather a "cautious vaxxer." This means I never got any of the shots I was supposed to. Since turning eighteen I've gotten many, but I know I'm still missing several. Here they are:
  1. The Polio Vaccine
    This is the big one. I don't think this is even a shot, it's like a ball of sugar or something, but I certainly don't have it. Do I wake up in a nervous sweat, fearing I might have gotten polio in my sleep, every morning? Yes. Does any clinic near me still even administer the polio vaccine? No. #herdimmunity
  2. Flu Shots, 1995-2015
    In fairness I was only alive for a few hours of 1995. But you would think I would have gotten at least ONE flu shot at some point in the following years, right? You would be wrong.
  3. Any Hepatitis Shot that's not Hep-B
    I had the Hep-B shot. I know that much. Are there vaccines for the other letters of Hepatitis? What IS Hepatitis? Is there a Hepatitis-Z? How many are there and how do I get help?
  4. Chickenpox
    My mom was VERY against the chickenpox vaccine and VERY pro-chickenpox. I missed 2 weeks of first grade because I was at home scratching roughly 350+ pox dots on my body and I still have scars! She made sure I got exposed to it by making me sip out of the same cup as this boy down the street who had it. She tried to expose me to chickenpox all the time, and still does whenever she's feeling vengeful. But whatever, I'm immune now!!!
  5. Shingles
    I think I'm also immune because I had chickenpox? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Rabies
    Unclear if this one's just for dogs or if everyone's supposed to get it... All I know is I'm not vaccinated against rabies and if I got rabies that would be pretty bad!
  7. Tuberculosis? Pneumonia? Yellow fever? Typhus? Cancer? Death?
    I just googled diseases and I'm feeling pretty unsafe at the moment. I have not had all the shots I'm supposed to and I feel like I should go live in a cave or something until I'm better? I don't wanna get anyone sick but I also don't like needles! Ugh what a moral dilemma.
  8. Please let me know if there are more, I'm really working hard on self-improvement right now.