My kind of masculine. Great portraits of the legends who had the cool one can only be born with.
  1. JFK Jr
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  2. Stuart
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  3. Senna
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  4. Cooper
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  5. McQueen
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  6. Cassini
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  7. Mastroianni
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  8. Miles
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  9. Magic
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  10. LBJ
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  11. Enzo
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  12. Lee
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  13. Pelé
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  14. JFK
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  15. Ché
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  16. Newman
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  17. Reagan
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  18. Beatty
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  19. Wayne
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  20. Lincoln
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  21. Connery
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  22. Grant
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  23. King Jr.
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  24. Beard
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  25. Pacino
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  26. Picasso
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  27. Cash
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  28. Lewis
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  29. Lapo
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  30. Chevy
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