8 photos on my phone, not chosen at random

As good as introduction as any.
  1. Screenshot of "suggested" Carry-on Packing List
    I'm in a LDR. My boyfriend is in Africa. I'm leaving in 22 days to visit him. I'm over prepping to pass the time.
  2. Boyfriend.
    Man bun. Beard. Camera. Photo taken while he was in Ireland. I am dating a hipster, who denies that he is one. PROFILE PICTURES DO NOT LIE.
  3. I love LA. Sometimes.
    Picture taken in Pershing Square during the LA Salsa Festival a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Not homework...
    My coworker took this picture of me as I was charting. I'm a public health nurse. Also, I'm older than I look.
  5. Keep ya head up
    My room is a safe space.
  6. My favorite Snapchat filter.
    This is my blurry friend/roommate, Katie.
  7. Current lock screen photo
    It's beautiful and mysterious and intriguing.
  8. Margaritas in sippycups.
    Because adults.