If aliens observed us, they would think we were rather peculiar...
  1. Humans enjoy making this interesting noise called "laughter."
    All of a sudden, humans unleash this weird noise from their babbling holes. It's a language with no words, yet humans seem to enjoy very much.
  2. Purposeless materials are worn on their bodies.
    Many humans wear materials to accustom their body heat to the dropping temperatures, but when the temperature is warm they can't manage to take them off. They either love material or they are ashamed of their human form.
  3. They turn off for 8 hours on average.
    Seriously! They go go go and then lie down and shut off.
  4. During this turning off process, they live uncontrolled lives in their heads.
    Humans call it "dreaming" and they can't control it. There all many theories about what it actually is.
  5. They really like to look at these information squares and they carry them everywhere.
    They don't have the brain capacity to remember large amounts of information so these squares help them keep track of work, school, and social related information.
  6. It takes two of them to make one more.
    There are two types of humans. When the two types come together to "sex" a third human can be made.
  7. Every human "dies."
    In 120 years, every single human we observed will be gone and new ones will be there. There are currently 15 dead humans for every human living.