In order from most to least loved/used/experienced. I don't play as much as I used to these days, but I have spent way too much time inside this game.
  1. Mage
    My class of choice since WoW Vanilla. Preferred spec has always been Frost, though I was a Fire Mage during TBC, when it was All The Rage™. Frost Mages are capable of ridiculous levels of defence for a cloth-based class, and their significant burst damage, while marginally less than Fire, make them a resilient, versatile spec. I frequently outlasted my Fire-based peers once Frost became a viable raiding spec in Lich, ultimately pulling higher DPS because I was, you know, still alive to do so.
  2. Shaman
    I only started playing a shammy with the arrival of TBC (I was an Alliance faithful for the first two expansions), but she quickly became my primary alt. I raided with her as a healer; I really liked shammy healing in Lich/Cataclysm. PvP and levelling was Enhancement all the way, though. A ridiculously versatile class all around.
  3. Druid
    Like Shammies, Druids are stupidly diverse in their application - but I've never been interested in, or particularly good at, tanking, so it's my affinity for spell-casting DPS and healing that draws me to our shapeshifting friends. I don't mind levelling as melee Feral but I also don't enjoy having to acquire two gear sets at once so I'm prepared to switch to Balance/Resto at the cap.
  4. Paladin
    The plate-wearing holy warrior would be higher up but I've only ever levelled one, so my experience is slightly less than with Druids. But levelling the Pally I do have was an absolute joy. I chose Retribution, for obvious reasons, and, legacy gear notwithstanding, feel like I barely stopped for downtime when I was levelling/grinding. Was just a total powerhouse. Don't love Pally healing though (and still can't tank), which also hurts its ranking slightly.
  5. Hunter
    My very first character was a Hunter. I had no idea what I was doing, was mis-spec'd, badly geared, prone to pulling aggro in dungeons and I STILL survived more than I should have. I like Hunters, but they feel like a little bit of a cheat. Geared-up Beastmasters are freaking terrifying for a clothie, even a Frost Mage of more than 10 years' experience. They just seem like the entry class, y'know? Still fun to play, and I did love having a pet to name and train and look after.
  6. Priest
    We're getting into single-character experience territory here. The Priest I played was fun, but I found levelling as Holy laborious and levelling as Shadow short-sighted (I would want to heal with a Priest; while Shadow undoubtedly makes levelling easier, I'm not a huge fan of its play style). I don't know that I have an opinion on Discipline. One of my guildies was once obsessed with raiding as Disc though, and he was one of our best healers, so I'm giving it the benefit of being worthwhile.
  7. Warlock
    I spent so much time as a Mage before I tried a Warlock that this class would always inevitably feel like a darker version of that (I imagine it's the same in reverse for those who started as Locks and then played a Mage). Nothing wrong with it, but it didn't excite me as much/seem as different as the other classes.
  8. Monk
    Like the Pally, I've only ever levelled one Monk - a healer - and while I found a spec I enjoyed ultimately, I'm still not a huge fan of combo/non-mana-based attack systems in this game. I don't know why. I made my Monk a Pandaren though, which is kind of adorable, so they get the highest ranking of the dregs.
  9. Rogue
    Man, I have TRIED to level a Rogue. Multiple times. I think the highest I ever got was level 25. I WANT to like the class. It's been my bane in PvP since 2005. It seems cool and antagonistic and badass and unstoppable but by Christ is it boring to play. Stealth is a cool ability, and makes a LOT of frustrating early quests a lot easier - but you also end up cheating yourself out of XP by avoiding a tonne of mobs. It's a rough trade.
  10. Warrior
    Level 6. That's as far as I've ever taken a Warrior. Tanks are great and do important work and raids wouldn't work without them but I would rather dig my own eyes out with a spoon. Fuck this class, seriously. More power to you if you're a fan. You have my respect, but it's not for me. Also, I am still bitter about how hard Warriors became in PvP around Burning Crusade. Remember a lot of frustrated deaths in Eye of the Storm at the hands of some stupid DPS Warrior. Clothies got screwed back then.
  11. Death Knight
    This 'Hero Class' was supposed to be a cool new addition for Wrath of the Lich King, and I totally ignored it. I have never bothered trying to level a Death Knight. I do not know why. It's not steeped in animosity or any real... reason. It just doesn't interest me. The melee-only, non-mana set really just isn't my play style, I suppose. I am glad that it clearly is for others, but I'd be surprised if I ever bother starting a DK before I eventually deactivate. A resounding 'meh' in all regards.
  12. Giphy