What do I value? What is important to me? How do I want to spend my time? What would I do if I only had so much time to live?
  1. Christopher
    Our relationship, our marriage, his happiness and health
  2. Miren (and any other children)
    Enjoying all our time together. Raising her to be a smart woman who cares about the world.
  3. Reading
    I love reading and being taken away into book world.
  4. Financial freedom
    To not stress about money
  5. Friendship
    Being the best I can
  6. Family
    Showing love to family
  7. Organized home
    Less clutter, more peace. Minimalism
  8. Avery
    Loving him even when he's a dick
  9. Cooking
    Being it the kitchen trying new recipes
  10. Memory keeping
    Preserving our family memories