1. Woman leads police on chase while driving 'Mystery Machine' van from "Scooby Doo"
  2. Ostrich Goes Full 'Road Runner' to Chase Down Cyclists
  3. Dog Crashes Tractor-Trailer Into Parked Car & Tree
  4. Birds Fly in Majestic Penis Formation
  5. Wisconsin Police Recover $90,000 in Stolen Cheese
  6. Stranger Attacks Man with Snickers Bar on Subway
  7. Father, Son Stole $41K in Chicken Wings, Sold Them
  8. Drunk Driver Busted by Parrot
  9. Two Dogs Take Truck on Joyride
  10. Man to Sail Atlantic in Metal Whale
  11. Canadian Banned From Owning Turtles After Smuggling 38 in Pants
  12. Ohio Suspect Hates Mugshots, Sends Selfie to Police
  13. Man Dies in Germany After Blowing Up Condom Machine
  14. Pennsylvania Man Protests $25 Parking Ticket with 2,500 Pennies
  15. Hundreds of Sex Toys Dangling from Power Lines in Portland, Oregon
  16. Woman Carrying Cocaine in Breast Implants Arrested at Colombia Airport
  17. Milwaukee Man Pronounced Dead, Then Moves & Breathes
  18. Massachusetts Man Crashes Car into Building In Rage Over Closed Taco Bell