1. Sunsets
    The most beautiful time of day: when you're watching one with your favorite person ever and the sky turns into shades of oranges and pinks and purple and for a few minutes everything seems to change in front of you and your mind is clear and you're aware of nothing but the colors constantly transforming into each other.
  2. Long hugs
    When you know that you're completely safe in those arms
  3. Lia Marie Johnson
    Such good vibes and slaying with that voice 💖
  4. Starwatching
    Its like a dome of sparkles and they seem so close but in reality they're millions of miles away.
  5. Stardust
    Or glitter, they're the same thing, right?
  6. Comet
    The movie is absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking, and made me rethink my nonexistent relationship. Oh, and real comets are like big shooting stars ☄
  7. Rowan Blanchard
    My favorite feminist ever, she's so young, but already making change in the world and giving a voice to the younger generations.👏✨
  8. Lennon Stella
    Vintage, fashion queen w/ a beautiful soul and her voice is goals 💕
  9. My journal
    Absolute favorite outlet, contains all of my feelings and is and eternally safe place where everything i say or write is not judged ✨✨
  10. Petra Collins
    Giving the feminine body a greater meaning and making me feel safer in my body as a teen girl one photo at a time 🌟
  11. Good books
    It's the most amazing thing to be flown to another world. 💫
  12. Music
    Helps me through everything, forever grateful !!
  13. Art museums
    Walking through history, stories, minds put on a canvas. Makes me feel so elegant, and cultured, but at the same time I pretend I do this all the time.