1. There are people out there who think that Meek won the Drake/Meek Mill feud.
    Wake up, America
  2. Bees.
  3. Donald Trump is still leading the polls for GOP candidates.
    He blamed Bush for 9/11 and still has supporters. ?????
  4. The shower in my bathroom that takes a really long time to drain.
    Someone's gotta snake that motherfucker, and it's not going to be me.
  5. My "hot body"
    It's gone downhill since McDonald's has started offering all-day breakfast. Helloooo hash browns!
  6. The status of Kanye's new album
    :/ Not trying to wait until 2016.
  7. Netflix price increase rumors
    I don't own enough credit cards or email addresses to make a new account and use yet another free monthly trial every time they add a new season of Bob's Burgers.
  8. The new season of Serial
    Sarah Koenig herself said that it viewers weren't going to be "as excited" as they were last season. All in due time, I guess.