I'm constantly asked why I'm sticking with just one. There are many reasons why. Here you go.
  1. Being pregnant is awful.
    Morning sickness. Back pain. Headaches. Irrational emotions. Trouble breathing. Getting large. Any of those sound good to you?
  2. Giving birth is awful.
    Pain is not my friend.
  3. I wanted a boy.
    I got a boy.
  4. Children are expensive.
    Money is tight as it is.
  5. I want to be the best mother I can be.
    No doubt in my mind that I am able to be a much more patient, loving, and nurturing mother with one then I could ever be with any more than that.
  6. I got lucky.
    When you get a good sleeping and happy child on the first try, why continue?
  7. I'm content and happy!
    It is possible to be happy with one child! Crazy, right? I don't need to keep producing more offspring to be satisfied.